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Drug Addiction Treatment Available in Newark

The power that a substance addiction has can make addicts feel helpless and have nothing to live for. Our team our of recovery professionals are here for you and can lead the way to a better life. From an addict’s point of view a clean and sober life is unimaginable, but a drug addiction can be beaten. For the last 10 years our staff of recovery specialists having helping addicts break the destructive cycle of drug addiction.  Substance addictions start by experimentation and be considered harmless. Unfortunately, sometimes a person can get hooked and soon realize that they need more drugs to feel the same “high”. 

Then it eventually snowballs into the need get “high” more often. When drug abuse increases in volume and frequency, it becomes harder to function normally without the drug. Physical dependency occurs after repeated drug abuse has disturbed normal brain function. The brain gets to the point where it cannot process the pleasure stimuli correctly. Using the drug becomes the only way to obtain pleasure-giving brain chemicals and now the addict is stuck in the mud so to speak. Psychological dependency on a drug after long periods of substance abuse can be trouble as it takes a long time to treat. The longer the addict is using the more painful the withdrawal symptoms are.

Our Mission is to Provide Quality Care and Placement for Those Seeking Addiction Recovery.

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